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Living on a budget can be brutal

Living on a budget can be very stressful. The constant couponing, buying in bulk or even buying things on sale whether they're needed or not can leave a mom running in circles or pulling her hair out. The beautiful thing about the internet is the connections and sharing of ideas that solve problems we all share. Our friends over at Childhood 101 have compiled a list of "50 frugal shopping tips for when times are tight". According to author/blogger Christie Burnett, "The biggest budget buster is shopping without a meal plan and without a list." Christie has compiled a complete list of creative ideas and tips that were shared with her on Facebook. Her fans offered some fun and creative tips and ideas for your meal planning and shopping blues.

You can find her blog by clicking here. If you don't see some of your own tried and proven tip on their list, please feel free to share your ideas in our comments area below.

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