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Is Your Traveling Toothbrush Sanitary?

I came across a review today from our friends over at CoolMomTech. They review and test all kinds of fun and cool gadgety type devices, but this one stoood out to me. Keeping the oral hygiene for your family on tract during a vacation can be a real chore. So anything to keep your children's toothbrush safe and help them stay in those good brushing habits is always important in our book.

It's the Summer time and many of you are packing your suitcase and travel bags as you read this. Have you thought about where you are staying and what the cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms may be? I know it's not the thing you wanna think about as you prepare for a fun and or relaxing vacation, but let's agree, no one wants their kids, yet alone themselves to come down with a cold or a strange 3rd world virus while away from the comforts of your own home or personal physican. With this in mind, let me introduce you to the VIOlife UV Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer. This handy little box is designed to cast UV light over your your toothbrush killing 99.9% of the germs you will encounter in an environment. Check out the "Travel Safe UV toothbrush sanitizer" by clicking here.

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