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Dental Emergencies

The Summer months are full of awesome outdoor activities. Whether your talking about the swimming pool, skate board, bicycles or just your average field and court sports, they all go into full swing when the weather warms up. Unfortunately too many children are not properly protected against the common falls and accidents that go along with these sports and activities.

Doctors and dentists commonly refer to the "T" area of the face as these injuries come through their doors. This area includes the eyes, nose and mouth. All of these areas are susceptible to soft tissue injury or even fracture. Our dental office sees an up-tick in mouth related trauma in the Summer months and purposefully add "emergency" slots in our schedule do accommodate patient families as they endure these injuries. Many of the injuries we see are: knocked out teeth, tooth fractures, soft palette trauma as well as gum and tongue injuries.

Mouth and dental injuries can be quite painful and bloody when they happen. We would recommend that parents take a moment outside of the immediate emegency, to read over some of our "Dental Emergency" tips that can be found on our website. These tips and first aid recommendations can be great time and dollar savers if used properly in the moment of an emergency.

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