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Secret Weapon?

If there were a secret weapon in the dental world, the "kid" friendly flossing stick would have to be it. This ingenious tool has been in the oral hygiene world for some time now, but it appears it is still shadowed by the ominous, unending roll of dental floss your grandmother handed down to your mom and her mom etc. Let's face it, no one really enjoys flossing. It's a necessary evil in the fight to keep our pearly whites. So if it needs to be a part of our daily ritual, let's opt for the high technology found in the disposable, easy to use, flossing stick. You can pick up a package of these little beauties at your local CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target etc. They usually come in a packet of 6-12 and are designed to be disposable after use. They come in fun shapes, colors and even in fun flavors. The whole design of the disposable flosser is geared to convenience, ease and utility. Everyone knows that brushing is a must, but as they say in the dental world, "you only need to floss the teeth you wanna keep". So keep your kids in the healthy flossing habit by offering them this easy tool. If you have further questions, or your not quite sure if the whole flossing thing is really necessary for your kids, please contact our office and we'll gladly provide your child with their first package of flossers for free, and we'll even throw in a lesson on how to use them. ; )

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