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Use it or Lose it...

Are you throwing away money? Most dental benefits expire at the end of each calendar year, so don't leave money on the table -- come see us! Here's why now is better than later:

Premiums: If you pay a monthly premium and don't see the dentist, you're literally throwing away money. Please don't do that. ;-)

Reimbursement amounts: Getting in to see the doctor earlier rather than later allows you to guarantee full use of reimbursement amounts, which are normally around $1,000. If you don't use it, you lose it (despite having paid for it!).

Deductibles and fee increases: Waiting means you could run the risk of requiring follow-up care in January, meaning you'd have to first meet next year's deductible, and deal with any fee increases. Not fun. Bad teeth and gums just get worse: By taking advantage of the benefits your plan provides and visiting the dentist sooner rather than later, you avoid greater future care costs.

So, there you have it. Schedule your child's appointment this week and be true to all those occasions when you said you need to work so your child can have those dental benefits!

Use 'em, or lose 'em! ;-)

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