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"Why you should stop checking your kid's homework right now"

Great title to catch your attention right? Well it has some deeper meaning, but yes it caught mine as well. Let me explain.

As parents raising a middle school child and high schooler, we have had our trial and tribulations when it comes to homework. Starting in elementary school it was apparent that our children were receiving more and more homwork for their classes and were expected to have it completed nightly so as to turn it in the next morning. If this was all that was on their schedules for the evening it wouldn't be a big deal, but we are raising children with many interests including sports, music, church etc. It can become a battle every day making sure that their homework was not only finished, but completed well vs just being one more thing to be checked off their list.

This morning I came across a great article by Jeanne Sager, she is a writer and social media guru on the website. Her latest article on homework made my heart leap! It makes so much sense, why don't we apply this principle of responsibility and ownership to the "homework" category?

You can read more on her findings here.


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