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Keeping Teeth Clean at School

From our friends at Delta Dental of Oklahoma

Five months down, five to go. With winter break behind us now, the school year is about halfway over. Help your children finish the second half strong with sharp minds and stellar oral hygiene.

Teach them these four tips for keeping teeth clean at school… and expect brighter smiles in graduation pictures.

Brush After Breakfast

Brushing immediately following a meal helps clean teeth and eliminates halitosis, or bad breath. After breakfast—and before leaving for school—make sure your child brushes well with a fluoridated toothpaste.

Pack A Healthy Lunch

Healthy eating means a healthy smile. Snacks like low-fat yogurt, apples, baby carrots and whole-grain crackers are optimal additions to your child’s lunch bag. Only serve sugary snacks like cookies and brownies in moderation or for events like birthdays or classroom parties.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum

If your child’s school allows it, chewing a stick of sugar-free gum for a few minutes after lunch can do wonders for your child’s teeth. Gum can help stimulate saliva to buffer the acid from lunch, and it can help dislodge food particles from the mouth, too.

Keep Braces and Retainers Clean

Children with braces should try to brush or rinse well with water after lunch. Those with removable retainers should clean them well after each meal and rinse out their mouths.

Brighter students. Brighter smiles. Study up on more oral hygiene tips here.


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