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Apps for Healthy Teeth!

From our friends at PatientConnect365

We’re gonna’ bet your kids have a better handle on your smart phone than you do. And your tablet, your computer, the TV remote … pretty much every tech device in your home. So, why not utilize their savvy nature to help them learn more about caring for their teeth and preparing for the dentist? A number of app developers seem to have the same idea, so we figured we’d share with you a number of the more popular. Be careful, though, these apps might have your kids so enamored with their oral health, your phone might spend more time in the bathroom than in your pocket! Dental apps tend to fall most easily into themes. Below you’ll find the three most popular:

Two Minutes Twice a Day

Disney and Oral-B’s “Disney Magic Timer,” (as with all the apps in this bunch) is aimed at getting kids to brush twice a day, and for two minutes each time. The screen displays a character that brushes along with your child, brushing away “clues” in the game as time passes. Kids can collect stickers in a photo album and start the game by scanning their Crest or Oral-B Pro Health Stages product so the character uses the same implement as them. Other interesting games include Toothsavers, which has children cleaning the teeth of the various medieval and folk characters in the game, Time2Brush from Aquafresh, Brush DJ, which taps into the music on your phone, and Brusheez Tooth Brushing Timer, created by a 3D technical artist at Disney, who designed the monster app to help his two boys learn to brush properly. Neat stuff!

Mouth Design

Virtual Dentist allows you to upload a picture of yourself to see what certain kinds of dental work would look like on your face. It’s a neat way to get kids involved in all the different looks a mouth can have with braces, veneers, fillings and what clean teeth look like vs. not-so-clean-teeth. Teens might also enjoy it to get a good idea as to what certain cosmetic procedures would look like in their own mouth.

Be the Dentist!

Tiny Dentist has scores of characters and different themes to choose from, all designed to take your kids through the fun journey of pretending to be the dentist. Kids can fix cavities and clean teeth, tend to bad breath, and even place implants and do whitening. Put that kid to work! So, there you have it. Teeth time is fun time! Try some of these out, and see how your kids react to the learning. And, maybe you’ll have an excuse to finally drop a few bucks on that iPad® you’ve considered purchasing. At least this way, your phone will remain just where you want it to remain!

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