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Healthy Summer Snacks

Summer is upon us! It's prime time for picnics, playing outdoors and barbecues galore. It's an ideal time for healthy living and exercise, as well as a great time to think of healthy little teeth. Here are some of our favorite options in any Summer scenario that will guide healthy choices for your child's smile.

  1. On The Go - Fruit pouches are convenient to pack for an on-the-go lunch, but opt for a piece of whole fruit instead - it provides a sweet treat without added sugars and preservatives.

  2. Thirst-Quenchers - The sugar in sports drinks can cause decay and cavities between little teeth, so to quench your child's thirst after a day of playing outside in the sun, reach for tap water instead.

  3. Salty Snacks - Potato chips are a picnic classic, but the starch in potatoes can get stuck between teeth. Crackers and pretzels made with whole-grains provide salty crunch and cause less starchy buildup.

  4. Sweets - Candy and sweets are okay in moderation! Sticky, sweet caramel can coat little teeth and cause decay. Instead, try a square of dark chocolate - it contains antioxidants and doesn't stick to little teeth.

For more info on healthy treats and tips for protecting your child's smile, check out the "The Big Authority on Little Teeth at the AAPD (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry)

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